School Names

Ever tell someone that you go to Truman and had them tell you they used to go to “Northeast” and wonder why? Truman has had seven different names in its time educating bright young minds in the Midwest. 

02 Sep 1867 – 26 June 1868
1868 – 29 Dec 1870
30 Dec 1870 – 20 May 1919
21 May 1919 – 31 Dec 1967
01 Jan 1968 – 12 Aug 1972
13 Aug 1972 – 30 Jun 1996
01 July 1996 –
North Missouri Normal School & Commercial College
North Missouri Normal School
Missouri State Normal School of the First District
Northeast Missouri State Teachers College
Northeast Missouri State College
Northeast Missouri State University
Truman State University

Learn more about former presidents of the university, as well as educators who served as the first professors at the Normal School in 1867. 

Learn about the origins of campus buildings, as well as their namesakes. 

Laying of the Wreath, the Flame to the Second Century, and the Joseph Baldwin statue all have unique significance to our university.