Kirksville in the 1890s

Photographs of Town

City Photo Album 1893

Photographs of 1893 Kirksville taken by Drake of Aurora, IN. All, but two images have been identified.

City Photo Album 1897

Photographs of late nineteenth century Kirksville, with many identified locations and some currently still unidentified.

The April 1899 Cyclone

On April 27, 1899 a cyclone touched down twice in the area, claiming 32 lives and leaving 100 injured in its wake.

Places to go, People to see

New Court House

After the court house built in 1852-55 was destroyed in a fire, citizens gathered to get a new court house built, which was completed in 1899.

Mercantile college

A college that had it’s start in 1880 and closed in 1897. Students within the college studied penmanship shorthand & typing, business, and telegraphy.


These are the portraits of subscribers that were submitted for publication in the 1898 atlas.

Kirksville in 1898

Image: Atlas of Adair County Missouri 1898

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