Russel G. Warren

Russell G. Warren

President, 1990-1994

Russell Warren became president in 1990—shortly after the school had successfully made the transition from a regional institution to a statewide liberal arts university.

President Warren’s goals were to increase funding by emphasizing an active foundation program, to support curricular learning on campus, to encourage curricular revision in general education, and to expand the diversity of the student body and faculty.

His plan also included encouraging research and creative time for faculty members by adding sufficient faculty positions in order to allow a reduction in teaching loads. President Warren also broached the concept of changing the name of the university to reflect its statewide mission and ultimately was successful in laying the foundation for this process.

He stated that NMSU “should a place where in every nook and cranny on this campus learning is taking place—in fraternities and sororities, on the football field, in the dining halls—and I think it’s going to be a place where every student feels a sense of community and responsibility for every other student.”

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